July 02, 1962
July 02, 1962

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July 2, 1962

Desperate Gamble
Washington Wonders
Golf Architects
  • A startling transformation has overtaken the country's playgrounds in the past few years. Far-out, semiabstract designs, based on a study of what children really do when they play and what they actually need, have been slowly replacing the good old-fashioned slide, swing and seesaw

  • If Rip Van Winkle, that old pizza lover, ever came back to the Catskills, he'd be stunned. The Mountains are still barely as high as the Highlands of Scotland, but they now shelter the largest concentration of summer vacationers in the U.S.—in hundreds of resorts whose facilities, food and flavor are unique

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 The Yankees' Desperate Gamble
By rushing a limping Mickey Mantle back into action, the limping Yankees try to get back into the pennant race

This is an article from the July 2, 1962 issue

14 A Climactic Race at Walnut
Four Americans go under four minutes as the team to face Russia emerges from our AAU championships

16 Want to See Our Wonders?
Washingtonian Dolly Connelly reveals some of the beauty secrets of her scenic state

22 Golf's Battling Architects
Competitors Trent Jones and Dick Wilson have conflicting ideas on how to build a better golf course

30 New Look at the Sandbox
Mark Kauffman and Robert Creamer contemplate the changes that have come over children's playgrounds

44 A Veteran's First Victory
By finding the right winds, the ancient schooner Nina upset the favorites in the Bermuda race

46 The Sour Cream Sierras
New York's Catskill Mountains shelter a vacationland rich in sport and unique in flavor, mostly borscht

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5 Scorecard
40 Travel
42 Golf
44 Boating
57 Baseball's Week
58 For the Record
59 19th Hole

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Mel Allen, the New York Yankees' announcer, has parlayed energy, experience and southern-fried drolleries into a successful career. Huston Horn reports, and how 'bout that?

A first look at the ingenious features that Designer Alan Payne has incorporated in the Australian 12-meter sloop Gretel as the new challenger comes seeking the old America's Cup.

A sportsman of the old school is trotting's Roland Harriman. Four pages of color pictures portray the charm of his track at Goshen, N.Y., and Robert Creamer tells his story.