July 30, 1962
July 30, 1962

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July 30, 1962

U.S. Success
Palmer's PGA
  • In the last days of his career, Randy Sandy, a boxer for 13 years, epitomizes the plight of the better-than-average fighter. His history is a bittersweet description of a once flourishing profession that is now declining in practitioners and rewards

Harness Racing
Minnesota Fans
  • Rollie Reynen of Devils Lake, N.Dak. sings loud and clear as he helps to keep the party lively on the special railroad car taking a delegation 400 miles to the ball game. Fans came by train, bus, car and plane from all over the Northwest and parts of Canada to see the hot Minnesota Twins take on Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle and the rest of the hated New York Yankees

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


36—Roy DeCarava
42—Tony Triolo
55—Bob Peterson, A.P:, Morris Rosenfeld, Elson-Alexandre, Mike Smith-Miami Herald, Tom Varley

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