July 30, 1962
July 30, 1962

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July 30, 1962

U.S. Success
Palmer's PGA
  • In the last days of his career, Randy Sandy, a boxer for 13 years, epitomizes the plight of the better-than-average fighter. His history is a bittersweet description of a once flourishing profession that is now declining in practitioners and rewards

Harness Racing
Minnesota Fans
  • Rollie Reynen of Devils Lake, N.Dak. sings loud and clear as he helps to keep the party lively on the special railroad car taking a delegation 400 miles to the ball game. Fans came by train, bus, car and plane from all over the Northwest and parts of Canada to see the hot Minnesota Twins take on Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle and the rest of the hated New York Yankees

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Richard Folkins, at 45 a stripling in the vintage world of lawn bowling, skipped his Los Angeles team to victory in the triples and rinks (four-man bowls) in Seattle during the sport's first world com-petition since 1939. Teams from six countries entered the event.

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Herman Willemse, 28, a schoolteacher from Holland, plunged into the 25-mile "splash for cash" marathon off Atlantic City and, after slashing himself on barnacled jetties, emerged a dripping and damaged first nearly 12 hours later to collect $5,000 for his third straight win.

Sue Sinclair, a Noroton, Conn. mother, bolted her Lightning through a fleet of six other lady skippers on a breezy day on Long Island Sound to overtake national champion Timothea Schneider in the last 25 yards and win the Syce Cup series by a mere half a point.

Richard Hahn, a Pasadena lawyer racing in the tricky Semana Nautica series at Santa Barbara, Calif., won the Star class by a full point. Taking his own lucky Star, Gemini, he will represent the Los Angeles fleet at the world championships in Portugal next month.

Richard J. Stephan Jr. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., whose father makes hair tonic, rode his 19-foot hydro runabout Gallopin' Dandruff II through the 123-mile Gold Coast Marathon off the Florida coast at a hair-raising speed of 66.73 mph to win the bruising two-day event.

Ronnie Quinn of West Warwick, R.I., son of former Rhode Island Governor Robert E. Quinn, taught his 17-year-old nephew, Bruce Morin, to play golf, then had to battle for six hours to beat him for the state's amateur title before winning 1 up on the 36th hole.