Aug. 06, 1962
Aug. 06, 1962

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Aug. 6, 1962

Summer Camps
Horse Show
Mr. Boxing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 A Soviet Champion Tells His Story
Igor Ter-Ovanesyan, holder of the world broad jump record, gives a first look at the life of a star Russian athlete

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20 Miss America Had the Inside Track
An upstart named Seven Thirty, helped by a private peek at the footing, won the biggest ladies' race in years

22 A Loud Victory in Twin Town
Minneapolis-St. Paul, cheered by gleeful hometowners, outlasted Houston to become bridge capital of the U.S.

24 Easy Livin' and No Bugle Calls
Summer camps are junking regimentation, adding all sorts of special activities, and letting children do what they want

32 Beloved Wilds of Maine
The beautiful Allagash country, painted by Francis Golden, points up the nationwide problem of multiple use

38 Relax, Pivot, Swing, Enjoy
Paul Runyan, U.S. and world senior champion, tells older golfers how to take less strokes and have more fun

54 'Mr. Boxing, Himself'
For over 50 years Nat Fleischer has chronicled, with love, hope and 40 million words, the saga of the ring

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10 Scorecard
44 Baseball
46 Horse Show
63 Baseball's Week
64 For the Record
65 19th Hole

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Next week

The stop-motion gaze of John Zimmerman's camera makes bowling pins painted the colors of fruit drops give up the spectacular secrets of what happens when a ball hits them.

For the first time the World Sport Parachuting Championships will be held in the U.S. Rex Lardner reports on the American parachutists training in Orange, Mass.

Temperamental Tommy Bolt, the loudest noise of golf, tells Writer Gerry Holland that he has a message for everyone. Learn to relax, says Tommy, and he shows how—almost