Vim and Vigah on the Frontier

Aug. 13, 1962
Aug. 13, 1962

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Aug. 13, 1962

Ingo's Forecast
Vim And Vigah
  • Everyone who has ever visited a bowling alley knows what it sounds like, and practically every bowler knows what it feels like, but only pictures taken with a repetitive strobe flash can show with accuracy what it looks like when you bowl a perfect STRIKE...OR MISS.

Master Of Hog Heaven
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

Vim and Vigah on the Frontier

You might call it creeping athleticism. It began, of course, with Jack's (we-Kennedys-play-for-keeps) touch football games, and Jackie riding to hounds. Now all New Frontiersmen are huffing and puffing after the vigor the President thinks they (and we) need

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Attorney General Kennedy (above) flips a football to a friend during a lunch hour stroll. Defense Secretary McNamara (right, without shirt) plays squash with Agriculture Secretary Freeman.

Postmaster General J. Edward Day (above, left) plays a determined game of tennis (his unseen opponent is Mrs. Day) in Tulip Hill, Md., while Commerce Secretary Luther Hodges (above) takes a firm stand in the surf at Cape Hatteras. While governor of North Carolina, Hodges was instrumental in organizing the Hatteras Marlin Club.

Ted Sorensen, special counsel to the President (left), enjoys a hot game of pepper with sons Stephen, 8, and Philip, 7, in the backyard of his Arlington, Va. apartment house. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Mortimer Caplin (right), an intercollegiate boxing champ at the University of Virginia, pummels the heavy bag in Pentagon gym.

Big Man at Smalls
Doing some tall, tall twisting is Wilt Chamberlain, the 7-foot-2 star of the San Francisco Warriors basketball team and proprietor of Big Wilt's Smalls Paradise, a Harlem nightclub. Once a swinging scene, Smalls (the name of the original owner) had been hurting until the twist, a dance called the slow drag and, above all, Wilt himself, brought back the high life.