Aug. 13, 1962
Aug. 13, 1962

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Aug. 13, 1962

Ingo's Forecast
Vim And Vigah
  • Everyone who has ever visited a bowling alley knows what it sounds like, and practically every bowler knows what it feels like, but only pictures taken with a repetitive strobe flash can show with accuracy what it looks like when you bowl a perfect STRIKE...OR MISS.

Master Of Hog Heaven
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


9—Jimmy Banks, Robert D. Huntzinger
14—A.P., U.P.I., Neil Leifer
16—Bill Beal-Washington Daily News
17—Frank Hoy
18—Dick Darcey
19—George Tames, Dick Darcey
22—Walter Iooss Jr.
24—Herb Scharfman
30-34—Charles Bonnay-Black Star
36-39—Robert Doisneau from Rapho-Guillumette
41—Bob Mayette
50—Herb Scharfman (2), Walter Iooss Jr.
54—John G. Zimmerman
55-59—Richard Meek
60—George Uveges, Wally McNamee, John L. O'Hara, A.P., Montreal Gazette Photo Service, A.P.
62—Hy Peskin, A.P.
63—James Kavallines-New York Herald Tribune

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