Golfers with Room for Improvement

Aug. 20, 1962
Aug. 20, 1962

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Aug. 20, 1962

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  • Don Drysdale's pitching motion—once described as 'all spikes, elbows and fingernails'—hasn't changed, but his working attitude has. Result: a good shot at 30 wins and a pennant for the Los Angeles Dodgers

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Golfers with Room for Improvement

Some people sayall golfers are nuts, but the golfers shown on these pages are, every one,fine, responsible citizens of southern California—and people in southernCalifornia are just as steady as your Uncle Elwood. What if a man does drivegolf balls in his living room? What's so strange about giving a sand trap as ahousewarming present? Come to think of it, wasn't Uncle Elwood the one who woreshorts to the opera?

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TV producer SyGomberg (left) drives golf balls into a three-ply plastic backstop in hisliving room as his wife, a new type of golf widow, finds risky solace in abook. Buick executive Albert (Dev) deVarennes Jr. (above) plays nine paper-cupholes of golf before a rapt gallery of one dog. Some fairways ricochet offwalls, some go under tables.

Because swimmersgolf, or golfers swim, Mrs. Carl Buck has an 18-hole putting course outside herBeverly Hills home that uses a free-form pool as a wild water hazard.

No housewifeshould be without her own sand trap. Mrs. Bea Hoffman (left) got one as ahousewarming gift, uses plastic golf balls, has cut her handicap from 22 to16.

At the LosAngeles AC, Ned Weiner (right) spends his lunch hour on the rooftop drivingrange. Golf balls have been known to slice out of the cage and far down theavenue.