8 Bad Blood in the Tropics
Cuba's participation in the Caribbean Games in Jamaica produced one riot and several defections

12 Fall of a Batch of Cupcakes
The British ladies were a pretty sight but no match for our women golfers, who were pretty good and then some

14 Steady As She Goes
A sailorman looks across 4,000 miles of sea and sky to see if his wife and child are still afloat

16 Casey and the Cops
Mightier even than the one who struck out, this one batted .325 and conned all the cops in Honolulu

18 What Ever Happened to Baseball?
Today's players make the oldtime heroes look like a bunch of rinkydinks, and yet the game is at its dullest

26 Darling Diplomacy
Some of the world's best tennis players are some of the world's prettiest girls. A look at several

38 Patagonian Odyssey
Down at the bottom of the world a fisherman finds a paradoxical land of wind, bandits and trout; mostly trout

62 Advantage Out for Father
Harvey Rhoades loads the dice in a father-son tennis tournament but reckons without The Great Scorer in the Sky

The departments

5 Scorecard
44 Bridge
47 Golf
48 Harness Racing
50 Boxing
55 Tennis
56 Food
58 Boating
68 For the Record
70 Baseball's Week
71 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Brian Seed


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