Steady As She Goes

Aug. 27, 1962
Aug. 27, 1962

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Aug. 27, 1962

Bad Blood
Harness Racing
  • The rarefied atmosphere at 7,400 feet has long made it risky for foreign players to take on Mexico's Davis Cuppers at home, but an even more potent Mexican peril today is an agile whirlwind named Rafael Osuna

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

Steady As She Goes

The smiling skipper behind the binnacle above may seem to be keeping a weather eye out for his wife and his child as they bounce along the waves, precariously perched in tandem on water skis. But this former naval person was cruising on a friend's yawl off the coast of Maine, 4,000 miles from the blue Mediterranean, where his wife and daughter, vacationing in Italy, were having their seagoing fun. If he had been closer, the Commander in Chief might have looked more alarmed than pleased. Less than a minute after the picture was snapped, Jackie, rendered unseaworthy by Caroline's wriggling, lost her balance and temporarily foundered.

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