Sept. 03, 1962
Sept. 03, 1962

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Sept. 3, 1962

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Clifford Ann
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    Clifford Ann Creed is a slight southern miss who doesn't look tough enough to unnerve a mockingbird, but she has frightened some tigerish foes with a show of determination reminiscent of Hogan

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Layton Kor, 24, who works as a bricklayer to pay for climbing trips, and companion Charles Roskosz were hit by a hailstorm as they slithered up the sheer, 1,010-foot Diamond Face of Longs Peak. But they made it, to become the second party to climb the face.

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Pat Peacock of Hawaii struggled for two hours with a huge 721½-pound silver marlin in a billfish tournament off Kona, Hawaii before taking it for a women's all-tackle record (she used a 130-pound test line). It was a quarter ton heavier than the record of 213½ pounds.

Homer Clark Sr. of Alton, Ill., the 78-year-old captain of the All-America veterans' shooting team, showed that he is as accurate as ever. He scored a perfect 100 out of 100 in the Grand American Trapshoot in Vandalia, Ohio to win the veterans' championship.

Joyce Hoffman, 15, Capistrano Beach, Calif., taught surfboard riding by her father, who learned it in Hawaii, did knee bends and toe-curls on the nose of her board in the San Clemente, Calif. wave-riding contest and took first over some 30 other girls.

Roger Bohl, a New Jersey system engineer who becomes a human calculator on weekends while navigating sports cars, drove 1,450 miles through New England in two successive rallies, the Berkshire and Long Island MG Club's, won both with a total error of only 61 seconds.

James Knorr, husky 12-year-old swimmer of Wichita, Kans., traveled 3,600 miles to eight regional meets this summer, breaking records all the way. Knorr bettered 15 national marks—including all five of the 50-yard-long course events—in the 11-12 Age Group division.