Sept. 17, 1962
Sept. 17, 1962

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Sept. 17, 1962

Point of Fact
The Giants
1963 Autos
Preview: The America's Cup
Horse Racing
The Monster Fish
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 With a Bit of Fear
Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson says his doubts and fears will become weapons against Sonny Liston

This is an article from the Sept. 17, 1962 issue

24 The Miller-Hiller-Haller Twist
The San Francisco Giants endured duck calls and musical lampoons but took a big series

26 A Slugger Wins the World Series
Three great golfers, Palmer, Nicklaus and Player, tell their own stories of a $75,000 battle

32 New Cars Off on a Bird Shoot
With the Riviera and the Avanti, Buick and Studebaker are out to capture Ford's rich Thunderbird market

Preview: The America's Cup

40 Carleton Mitchell evaluates Weatherly and Gretel
42 The men who man the boats and the jobs they do
44 Weatherly's owner and a prince who did not prevail

46 Beauty and the Best
A color portfolio proves that star athletes have a running start on cornering the beauty market

56 Fancy Faces for a Familiar Deck
For 800 years playing cards hardly changed, but now women do the buying, and the consequences are startling

64 The Monster of American Rivers
Our native sturgeon, which once produced the world's best caviar, is staging a comeback as a gamefish

The departments

13 Scorecard
51 Tennis
54 Horse Racing
56 Cards
79 For the Record
80 Baseball's Week
81 19th Hole

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