Oct. 08, 1962
Oct. 08, 1962

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Oct. 8, 1962

  • By Herman Weiskopf

    A World Series quiz to tease the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

New Rage To Win
The Fight
Pony Farm
  • Billy Griffith of Longview, Texas, came home with the best Shetlands money could buy. Then he called in Bill Pahlmann to decorate a stable so handsome that you could move right in with the ponies

Horse Racing
Saturday's Hero
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 The New Rage to Win
Commando tactics at Kentucky accentuate the latest philosophy of college football—victory at any price

This is an article from the Oct. 8, 1962 issue

18 Giant Shot That Forced a Playoff
Willie Mays hits a home run that saves the season for San Francisco and dismays the Dodgers

20 The Facts About the Big Fight
Some nonsensical cries were raised when Sonny Liston knocked out Floyd Patterson

28 Two Men on a Wall of Terror
In the second installment of The Climb Up to Hell, the implacable Eiger demands its human sacrifice

38 A Peck of Pretty Ponies
Texan Billy Griffith has got himself some fine Shetlands and a stable more fit for man than beast

47 The Magnificent Squirt
Tommy McDonald, one of the smallest players in pro football, is also one of the best—and most original

66 Saturday's Hero Is Doing Fine
The myth of the tramp athlete is demolished by the head of the University of Pittsburgh

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6 Scorecard
55 Boating
56 Horse Racing
63 Football's Week
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

The world series goes on a coast-to-coast basis for the first time as the Yankees fight to keep baseball's championship in The Bronx. Roy Terrell and Tom Brody report.

Towering quarterback Sonny Gibbs surprises his followers as much with his talk as with passes. John Underwood tells about the TCU giant and the best of his contemporaries.

The game warden patrols the woods and streams with equal consideration for the sportsmen and the game they seek. A look at a dedicated corps by Barbara Heilman.