16 The World Series
The two hordest-hitting teams in baseball find their bats next to useless as the pitchers take over the Series

22 Poor Jack—His Horse Ran Out
Carry Back lost Europe's big race, but Jack Price still thinks he's the best and issues a challenge

26 A Blokes' Duel at Watkins Glen
The end still was not in sight as British Drivers Hill and Clark brought their Grand Prix battle to New York

30 The Climb Up to Hell
Volunteers from half of Europe try to rescue the four men lost on the Eiger. The concluding installment

50 Paint, Polish, Pipes & Power
These are the principal ingredients of a new kind of racing boat—the seagoing hot rod

61 New Kick for the Redskins
After years of losses, Washington has discovered the unalloyed joys of winning pro football games

72 Long Hours and Low Pay
The game warden gets little material compensation, but he derives great satisfaction from doing a job he loves

The departments

9 Scorecard
55 Bridge
56 Golf
61 Pro Football
64 Sporting Look
67 College Football
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Steve Schapiro


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