Oct. 15, 1962
Oct. 15, 1962

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Oct. 15, 1962

Table of Contents
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Richard Hartnett, 13, an eighth-grader in Ipswich, Mass. who was a pony walker for his ciders during polo games, saved his earnings and bought an aging pony. Then, picked for the veteran-filled Myopia team, he scored some 40 goals during six months of play.

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Janie Welch, 19, hardy Los Angeles water skier, endured the rough 60-mile Catalina Island race for two hours and won—the only girl to finish. Back on her skis a week later, she flashed along at a frightening 86.87 mph to establish a quarter-mile drag mark at Long Beach, Calif.

Adolph Schwenk, 40-year-old Marine lieutenant colonel, returning as a student to Wesleyan University, was fit enough to try out for the football team again—he had been a varsity tackle there in 1941. But after three weeks of intense workouts, he retired, permanently.

Jess Van Deventer, 24, a National City, Calif. machinist, wheeled 34,000 miles around the country to win 19 consecutive weekly hot-rod drag races, set the world record for Class B modified roadsters,—135.45 mph—and win the national hot-rod title on points.

Pete Masterson, 28, an Actors' Studio student, accomplished a tour de force on Long Island Sound as he first beat top U.S. 5.5-meter sailors for the right to defend the Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup, then trounced the Canadian attacker in all three races.

Merrill Carl Smith, 57-year-old corporation lawyer in Hilo, Hawaii who dives for 200-pound sea turtles in his spare time, won the USGA Senior Amateur (over 55) title at Evanston, Ill. He defeated Willis Blakely of Portland, Ore. 4 aid 2 in the finals.