Oct. 22, 1962
Oct. 22, 1962

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Oct. 22, 1962

Big Surge
Fuji's Fairways
Sports Economist
Football's Week
Pro Football
Barn 8
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Big Surge on the West Coast
Far West football, often troubled in the past, suddenly is as good as any other brand in the U.S.

This is an article from the Oct. 22, 1962 issue

24 U.S. Is Best on Fuji's Fairways
The caddies were demure and the course demanding as our top amateurs captured a world trophy in golf-mad Japan

28 The Rains Came...and Came
The Yankees and Giants spent as much time fighting the weather as each other in their soggy Series struggle

30 Does All This Belong to Me?
An economist asks that and other questions about sports equipment, and gives some surprising answers

36 A Tenderfoot Paints an Elk Hunt
In a brilliant portfolio, artist and neophyte outdoorsman Austin Briggs records an Idaho elk hunt on horseback

47 Man with 14 Polo Fields
Paul Butler has turned his huge Illinois estate into a paradise for active sportsmen

62 Barn 8 at 6 A.M.
A racetrack stirs before dawn. Gilbert Rogin describes a morning at Belmont—the odd jobs, the strange people

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14 Scorecard
53 Football's Week
56 Pro Football
58 Bridge
60 Baseball
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Cover painting by Austin Briggs


Next week

Life can be hard when you quarterback a young pro club. Tex Maule describes, color photographs show what can happen when Minnesota's Fran Tarkenton drops back to pass.

As pro basketball begins a new season, William Leggett discovers an NBA dynasty abuilding in the West, and adds scouting reports that predict who'll finish where.

Bump racing is the way rowers compete at Oxford. It is hilariously described by Rhodes Scholar Allan Seager, who once manned an Oriel oar in snow, ennui and agony.