Oct. 29, 1962
Oct. 29, 1962

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Oct. 29, 1962

Point Of Fact
Double Bonanza
Aerial Alert
Murder On Sunday
Pro Basketball 1962
Horse Shows
College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Bonanza for Sports Cars
Two races in California brought out record crowds, top drivers and a double winner

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18 Texas Clings to the Top
The nation's No. I football team had a real scare but the last minute saved the day

20 Aerial Alert at Sea
An aircraft carrier heads for some grim games in the Caribbean and finds room to play on the way

25 His Sundays Are Murder
Viking Quarterback Fran Tarkenton's cup runneth over with enemy defenders. In color

31 Keep Your Eye on the Ball
But keep one hand on your wallet, too. A thief who hustles at sports events offers some friendly advice


36 GROWING FOR GREATNESS: The power shifts to the West, where Los Angeles may be building a new dynasty
44 THE STARS ARE READY: Scouting reports tell what's new with the NBA teams, and how each is likely to fare

60 The Joys of Sport at Oxford
A former Rhodes scholar recalls the pleasure of being an athlete in England, where sport means fun

The departments

8 Scorecard
48 Golf
51 Horse Shows
55 College Football
58 Shooting
71 For the Record
72 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer


Next week

Hippophile Artist John Groth, brilliant portrayer of horses, sketches a portfolio of colorful scenes from the National in Madison Square Garden, grandest of indoor shows.

Diving for gold is the spectacular hobby of a group of young Californians. In scuba gear, they are bringing up nuggets that the Forty-Niners did not get. By Coles Phinizy.

The hockey season is under way, and some National League fans may feel that they have seen it all before, but Gilbert Rogin finds a bright, new face to enliven the scene.