Nov. 05, 1962
Nov. 05, 1962

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Nov. 5, 1962

Point Of Fact
Shuttle Shake-Up
Parseghian's Gamble
College Football
Horse Racing
  • With only nominal assistance from his doubles partner, Mexico's Osuna makes his country the world's fifth major tennis power by beating Sweden almost singlehanded on the way to the Davis Cup Challenge Round

Boxing Morality
  • Boxing is under fire these days from portions of the press, government and clergy—because some fighters have been badly hurt and a few killed, and because criminals allegedly control large areas of the sport. Much of the criticism is naive or self-seeking, but some has come from such esteemed sources as the semiofficial Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano.' Recently SPORTS ILLUSTRATED invited Father McCormick, a distinguished Catholic moral theologian and teacher, to discuss the moral aspects of professional boxing. Here is his considered judgment

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 A Shuttle Shakes the Pros
Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry runs the NFL's best offense by changing quarterbacks on every play

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20 Win for a Tattooed Tiger
Nigeria's fine boxer takes Gene Fullmer's piece of the middleweight championship away from him

22 A Ring of Elegance
Colorful scenes from the New York National, grandest horse show of the season, sketched by John Groth

29 Ara Parseghian's Gamble
The daring Northwestern coach took one look at Quarterback Tommy Myers and made over his offense

32 Gold in California!
The new rush is on, and the prospectors are scuba divers who bring up nuggets from old streams

38 The Happy-go-lucky Goalie
Bob Perreault of Boston can win big and lose big, but mostly he can laugh big

70 Is Boxing Immoral?
A distinguished Catholic moral theologian gives his considered judgment on a controversial question

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7 Scorecard
57 College Football
63 Horse Racing
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68 Bridge
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next week

Football, college and pro, reaches midseason. Reports on the pivotal games—Nebraska-Missouri, LSU-Ole Miss, USC-Washington—and a new, searching look into the AFL.

South America's summer season starts now, and it is a cornucopia of sport. Ambassadors Palmer and Snead head south for the Canada Cup matches—the world golf tournament. On page 38 a color map introduces a 29-page portfolio of South American adventure—Indian games drawn by Domenico Gnoli, breathtaking scenes photographed in color by Jerry Cooke, four pages of travel facts and an enthralling introduction to that little-known hero-villain, el gaucho, by Richard Llewellyn.