Nov. 19, 1962
Nov. 19, 1962

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Nov. 19, 1962

Big Bromley
Ford's Plunge
Perfect Defense
  • When Detroit and Green Bay meet, the two best defenses in professional football will be opposed, but the Packer unit—a clever blend of daring and conservative players—is the less penetrable of the two. Coach Vince Lombardi made it that way, and if Nick Pietrosante and the other Lions are to win their Thanksgiving Day game, they will do so only by splitting Green Bay personalities

The U.S. Is Best
College Football
Horse Shows
Horse Racing
Biggie Munn
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


23—Walter Iooss Jr.
33—drawings by Marc Simont
34, 35—diagrams by William Bernstein
42, 47—Jorge Aguirre
52-54—Neal Barr-Feldon
65—James Drake
72—Mike Sirico, Herb Scharfman
73—Neil Leifer
76—Herb Scharfman
97—Ralph Camping, Budd Studio, Sarony Studio, Ed Finley

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