16 The Pros Pull a Double Reverse
Upset by Detroit, the Green Bay Packers showed signs of weakness, while the surprising Giants continued to win

22 Something's Up in Syracuse
Nobody is supposed to challenge pro basketball's Boston Celtics, but the pesky Nats are trying

24 Two Goofs Kill the Gophers
Questionable penalties in the last minutes of play ruined Minnesota and brought victory to Wisconsin

26 Moscow's Misty Mystery
The secret police knew how to cope with underground terrorists, but these operated underwater

28 Red Just Left of Center
Playmaking and lawmaking come with equal ease to hockey's rookie parliamentarian, Red Kelly

32 Sweet, Snowy Look of Success
Millions of dollars and fresh fervor among resort developers are opening up new skiing vistas in the West

86 A Dazzle of Christmas Gifts
Six pages of presents that will enable sportsmen {and women) to indulge in unthrifty glee

98 In Search of Giants
Charlie Mayo, philosopher and poet by training, has become the East's top tuna skipper

The departments

13 Scorecard
69 College Football
76 Boxing
79 Golf
80 Motor Sports
92 Bridge
96 Horse Shows
117 For the Record
118 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Joern Gerdts


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