Dec. 24, 1962
Dec. 24, 1962

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Dec. 24, 1962

Point Of Fact
  • When a U-boat sank the 'Lusitania' in 1915 the Allies denounced Germany for the murder of an unarmed vessel. But the question still persists: Was she truly defenseless? An American explorer, John Light, has tried to find out. Recently Kenneth MacLeish, son of Poet-Playwright Archibald MacLeish and an accomplished scuba diver, went down to search the wreck with Light. Here is him report

Persian Hunt
  • There are a few grown-ups around who remember living a not-so-organized childhood—one in which they were in charge of a good deal of their time. There is little evidence that the boys (or girls) suffered thereby. On the contrary, what they did with their time and a few old boards and wheels was, as the concoctions here show, often pure genius and always fun. It still can be

College Football
Pro Football
Frank Merriwell
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over



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16 Our Heritage of Boldness
Catherine Drinker Bowen expounds the response to challenge that has engendered American achievements

22 Heirs to the Great Tradition
John Zimmerman's camera dramatizes the average citizen's zestful search for adventure

32 A Problem for Champions
In color photographs Mark Kauffman portrays athletes who try for titles—but chance becoming famous losers

36 Was There a Gun?
Scuba diver Kenneth MacLeish risks his life to reopen one of the nation's oldest wounds—the sinking of the Lusitania

48 A Lady Hunts with the Shah
Virginia Kraft describes in words—and Artist Bob Peak in paintings—a rare adventure with the Persian monarch

63 The Non-organization Boy
A nostalgic look at the strange and delightful things that kids used to build—and still can—when left alone

68 Way Out Out West
Sportswear Designer Rudi Gernreich and Architect Victor Lundy produce some shocking shapes for sea and ski

86 Frank Merriwell's Triumph
The story of the immortal athlete who captured America's fancy and purified the penny dreadfuls

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9 Scorecard
74 Bridge
76 College Football
82 Pro Football
84 Basketball
100 For the Record
100 Basketball's Week
102 19th Hole

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Cover photographs by John G. Zimmerman and Mark Kauffman


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