Jan. 07, 1963
Jan. 07, 1963

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Jan. 7, 1963

Packers, Yes!


8 The Packers, Yes!
Efficient Green Bay iron need the Giants in frigid Yankee Stadium and won its second straight NFL title

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16 Sportsman of the Year
He is Scholar-Athlete ferry Baker, the brilliant Oregon State quarterback whose awards in 1962 were legion

22 Vintage Year for Champions
Color action and informal portraits of a fine budding of athletes—one so rare he was declared a national treasure

38 Treats for a Ski Weekend
Foresight and a menu that practically cooks itself can prevent a ski wife from becoming a galley slave

40 The ABCs of Squash Racquets
One of the nation's top teaching pros invites readers onto the squash court to learn—or look

48 Busy Year for Sonny
Jack Nilon, Sonny Liston's outspoken manager, says the champion may have as many as three fights in 1963

52 Mighty Joe Morovits
Legend and fact, assembled for the first time, show him to be the real-life Paul Banyan of the Cascades

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4 Scorecard
46 Basketball
48 Boxing
51 Golf
58 For the Record
58 Basketball's Week
60 19th Hole

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The brashest boy on the pro golf tour is Phil Rodgers. Fat, sassy and tough to beat, he is depicted at his supercon-fident—but sometimes lonely—best by Walter Bingham.

A wide world of ice and snow, where volcanoes smoke on the skyline and a glacier chisels out huge chasms, is shown in a color portfolio of strange New Zealand ski sites.

The vacation house has developed into a billion-dollar business. Cranston Jones tells how it is changing the techniques of building and creating a new leisure architecture.