Jan. 07, 1963
Jan. 07, 1963

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Jan. 7, 1963

Packers, Yes!


Cover—Neal Barr-Feldon
16—Richard Meek
17—Marshall Lockman-Black Star
18, 19—Bob Peterson
22, 23—Richard Meek
24, 25—Neil Leifer
26—Wil Blanche
27—Tony Triolo, James Drake
28, 29—James Drake, Herb Scharfman, Ted Reed, Neil Leifer
32—A.P., Marvin E. Newman (2)
33—Charles Bonnay-Black Star
34—James Drake, Brian Seed, Jerry Cooke
46—Shel Hershorn-Black Star
48—James Drake
52—collection of Galen Biery
54—map by William Bernstein
56, 57—Asahel Curtis from Washington State Historical Society of Tacoma
58—A.P., Major Sam West
59—J. Allen Hawkins

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