Jan. 14, 1963
Jan. 14, 1963

Table of Contents
Jan. 14, 1963

Table of Contents
Ski Racing
Religious War
  • Scotsmen salute the new year with an annual orgy of violence and prejudice as they rally for the Catholic Celtics or Protestant Rangers—a tradition that the leaders of both faiths find themselves powerless to halt

Fat And Sassy
The Laughing Season
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Millennium for U.S. Ski Racing
At long last the United States Ski Association is providing a training camp for Olympic competitors

This is an article from the Jan. 14, 1963 issue

18 Soccer's Religious War
Scotsmen salute the new year with an annual orgy of violence and prejudice in Glasgow

24 Fat, Sassy and Sensational
Philamon Rodgers, with his fast tongue, fine swing and gout, is one of pro golf's most notable rookies in years

28 A Trip to the Back of Beyond
A wondrous world of smoking volcanoes, ice cliff's and vast chasms awes skiers on New Zealand's glaciers

36 New Architecture of Leisure
The houses Americans are building for fun have become a serious, billion-dollar business

46 Black Hawks Are Bright Hopes
At the big league hockey season's halfway mark the team used to trailing is setting the pace

48 The Laughing Season
For downtown quarterback clubs it's banquet time—and almost any joke seems hilarious. By Gerald Holland

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8 Scorecard
42 Bridge
44 Golf
46 Hockey
54 For the Record
56 Basketball's Week
60 19th Hole

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The golden chase is on as pro golf opens its richest season and renews a great duel—Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus. How the top players may fare is explored by Alfred Wright.

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