Jan. 14, 1963
Jan. 14, 1963

Table of Contents
Jan. 14, 1963

Table of Contents
Ski Racing
Religious War
  • Scotsmen salute the new year with an annual orgy of violence and prejudice as they rally for the Catholic Celtics or Protestant Rangers—a tradition that the leaders of both faiths find themselves powerless to halt

Fat And Sassy
The Laughing Season
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


25—Brian Seed
26, 27—U.P.I.
38, 39—Alexandre Georges, Eliot Noyes, Robert Damara, Ted Polumbaum
40, 41—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
46—Walter Iooss Jr.
47—John de Visser
48-51—Jay B. Leviton
52—John Q. Beauge
53—Jim Mahan-LIFE
54—Robert H. Lehman, Charles F. Sibre, A.P. (2), Earl DeHart-Miami Herald

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