Jan. 21, 1963
Jan. 21, 1963

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Jan. 21, 1963

Point Of Fact
A Season For Discovery
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 The $2,000,000 Gambol Begins
Arnie has his Army, Jack has his Janissaries and pro golf is off on its richest season ever

This is an article from the Jan. 21, 1963 issue

14 Banzai to the Top of Old Shiga
Thousands of Japanese ski kamikazes charge off for a wild holiday on the slopes


18 Six refugees from wintry Long Island charter a luxury yacht and sail the sunny Grenadines. By Roy Terrell
30 Art Kane photographs and Richard Oulahan describes the hidden Latin charms of Puerto Vallarta
42 The fishing's great, the water's fine—away from the crowd. An offbeat guide to the West Indies by Fred R. Smith
46 A family in love with the sea builds a dream home on a small Bahamas island. By Pamela Knight

52 The Valley of Death
The best basketball conference in the country offers visitors nothing but trouble

58 A Big Man Even in Big D
That's Clint Murchison Jr., a Texas millionaire whose business savvy is matched by his sporting zeal

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8 Scorecard
52 Basketball
56 Fitness
66 For the Record
69 Basketball's Week
71 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Art Kane

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Next week

Hockey's bad boy, Howie Young, combustible star of the Detroit Red Wings, is featured in a nine-page essay in words and color photographs that shows the Wings in wild action.

The Duquesne fathers barely tolerate him, but alumnus Mossie Murphy, the jolliest fat man you ever saw, may be the best one-man recruiting agency for athletes in the U.S.

Unnerved amateurs and ignored professionals are all part of the famed Crosby invitational golf tournament, the mood of which is aptly captured by Artist Edward Sorel.