10 The Shadow over Pro Football
Betting by naive players in the NFL is threatening the future of an essentially sound and honest game

12 A Dash of Style for Track
Germany's comely sprinter, Jutta Heine, injects a note of glamour into the budding indoor season

16 The Run for the Cheeses
Deprived by snowbound racetracks of their legitimate livelihood, British bookies turn to mouse racing

18 Mossie Murphy's Crusade
Fat, noisy, indefatigable Mossie drives the Duquesne faculty to distraction with his exuberant support

24 High Voltage in Detroit
Nine pages of color and text on the liveliest team and the liveliest star in hockey

35 A White New Year
That's what they've been dreaming of at Wimbledon, and the result is a pleasing fashion trend

42 New Kind of Fishing Tournament
The Sailfish Club of Florida comes up with a contest that really tests a fisherman's skill

48 The Am in Pro-Am
The pros and celebrities are the news at the Crosby, but it's the amateurs that make this golf event unique

The departments

5 Scorecard
35 Sporting Look
41 Boating
42 Fishing
44 Boxing
46 Bridge
54 For the Record
55 Basketball's Week
57 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman


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