Jan. 28, 1963
Jan. 28, 1963

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Jan. 28, 1963

Stylish Dash
High Voltage
  • By Arlie W. Schardt

    Some of the liveliest action in the current hockey season has been provided by the Detroit Red Wings, thanks to a short-circuiting live wire who crackles on the ice like a bolt of winter lightning

Sporting Look
  • The word was handed down last summer. Wimbledon's old guard had had enough tampering with sacred tradition. No more 18-karat-gold briefs or shocking-pink panties on the courts, they said—all white is the rule. Good idea, said fashion—and not only on center courts but in southern resort centers everywhere white is right

Bing's Clambake
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Dinah Shore, whose southern belle song delivery can be languid as a possum, was all pizzazz as she teamed with Maurice Smith of Palm Springs to win the A flight at the 13th annual Blue Ribbon Tennis Tournament at the Racquet Club there.

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Ernest Havemann, 50, of Glen Rock, N.J., a writer whose hobby is horses and who once did a magazine story on a system to beat the famed 5-10 pool at Tijuana's Caliente track, hit the pool himself, picking all six winners and collecting $61,980.

Wayne Duke, 34, for 10 years assistant to the executive director of the NCAA, has been named as the new executive director of the Big Eight Conference. Duke will be given new powers in the fields of rules interpretation and investigation by the Big Eight.

Willie Shaw, 20, Lane College's deft 6-foot junior, appears on his way to another season as top scorer in the small-college NAIA. A guard, he is averaging 42.2 points per game. He also leads the NAIA in free-throw shooting, hitting 45 of his 47 attempts.

Mrs. Laura Morgan, suffering from a bad backache and a worse cold, could hardly have seemed healthier as she won Baltimore's 38th annual duckpin tournament and set two world records: a 30-game total of 3,943 and a five-game score of 761.

Ernie Richardson, Canada's Arnold Palmer of curling, took a substitute on his team and still won the first Masters Curling Championship at the Stampede Corral in Calgary. The Richardson family team has won the world championship three times.