Feb. 04, 1963
Feb. 04, 1963

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Feb. 4, 1963

Awful Ride
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Even in he best of times the Monte Carlo Rally Is a torturing test of physical and mental endurance. This year the snows came. Of 296 starters, only 102 got through. One of them, heroic Bo Ljungfeldt, drove a Ford Falcon through the serpentine curves of southern France (below) to a sensational finish

Basketball's 1-2
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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Awful Auto Ride
Ford Falcons and a heroic Swede negotiated hairpin turns and treacherous icy roads to win fame at Monte Carlo

This is an article from the Feb. 4, 1963 issue

16 Two Ways to Be Ranked 1-2
The country's top teams used exactly opposite styles of play to win the biggest doubleheader of the season

18 The Madmen of Sheepshead Bay
For those who can't stand nice warm beds on these wintry days, it's "everyone into the codfish pool!"

26 Polo's New Aristocracy Moves In
Color photographs show this resurgent, rugged game in its brilliant, contemporary setting at Palm Desert

32 Some Dashing Haberdashery
Sport has inspired a collection of pretty wild hats—and several pretty sensible ones

38 The Big Jump
Russia's Valeri Brumel, world high-jump record holder, describes his technique and predicts new heights

50 Paean to a Winged Hunter
The special exhilaration of training and flying a bird of prey enthralls hawkers like Author Bit Gilbert

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57 For the Record
58 Basketball's Week
59 19th Hole

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Cover painting by Harvey Dinnerstein


Next week

Junior ski champions are already beginning to sprout from the three-year-old ski racing program started by ex-Olympian Jack Nagel, and the best of them is daughter Cathy.

A Malayan movie star, a Scottish county group and a boy watching through a Swedish mist are all part of a colorful portfolio that shows the varied world of golf galleries.

A one-horse town is what Middleburg, Va. looks like. Actually it is the place where a whole way of life revolves around the horse. Huston Horn describes its hippophiles.