Feb. 11, 1963
Feb. 11, 1963

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Feb. 11, 1963

Flying Start
Judging Dogs
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 A Flying Start for the U.S.S.R.
Three invading Russians jolt U.S. track prestige as they scored brilliant indoor victories in New York

This is an article from the Feb. 11, 1963 issue

22 Payday on the Senior Circuit
The old pros meet at a $30,000 event where the accent is Scottish, the drink is Scotch and the golf is smooth

24 A Maestro Tunes His Teen Ski Stars
Crusading ski teacher Jack Nagel discovers a couple of potential Olympic medal winners in his own family

35 How to Succeed at a Dog Show
A top authority in the show world tells how easy it is to pull a woolly dog over the judges' eyes

38 The World of Golf Galleries
A movie star in Malaya, a boy in Sweden and a couple in Holland are colorful proof of golf's wide appeal

47 The Coach of Every Year
Ed Jucker, basketball coach at all-conquering Cincinnati, takes aim at his third straight national championship

62 A Rampart of Pedigree
Middleburg, Va. is the home of well-bred people who ride well-bred horses after well-bred foxhounds

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12 Scorecard
52 Golf
55 Horse Racing
58 Boating
73 Basketball's Week
76 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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