Feb. 18, 1963
Feb. 18, 1963

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Feb. 18, 1963

The Egg
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 The Egg and Tennis
Though it has a shiny look of prosperity on the outside, under the shell it may be going bad

This is an article from the Feb. 18, 1963 issue

18 Form Fore and Aft
Jerry Barber will cringe in horror, but even bad golf can be swinging fun

20 Leo: Under the Sunset Gun
Not quite an elder statesman but no longer the wild man of the past, Leo Durocher settles down to baseball

26 Riders of the Surging Sea
A dedicated surfer spends his waking hours searching for the perfect wave and his sleeping hours dreaming about it

32 Secrets of the Short Game
Jerry Barber, a master around the green, explains for the first time his method for hitting these crucial shots

42 Kicked by a King
When a pair of bridge-playing women ignored an old rule a king made them pay for their boldness

54 The Bible of the Barbershop
Richard Fox took over a dying rag called the Police Gazette and made it the premier sporting paper of its day

The departments

8 Scorecard
42 Bridge
43 Dogs
44 Horse Racing
49 Golf
50 Basketball
62 Basketball's Week
68 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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Next week

Rex of California, Rex Ellsworth, that is, plans to become king of the U.S. turf, and this is the year he will mount an attack on three fronts with racing's most powerful stable.

A storm is building between the Boston Celtics, pro basketball's old champs, and the young Los Angeles Lakers. See what happens behind the scenes when these foes clash.

Sandlot capital of the world is the Dominican Republic, which will have 50 players in the majors and minors this year. Robert Cantwell looks into the source of this talent.