March 18, 1963
March 18, 1963

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March 18, 1963

Now There Are Two
Pigeon Shoot
  • Compared to banging away at live pigeons, skeet and trap are tame. Especially, addicts of the sport agree, when the 'colombaire' is a maestro named Pepe

Gary Player
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 And Now There Are Two
They are the redoubtable Jim Beatty and a sensational newcomer to middle-distance running, Tom O'Hara

This is an article from the March 18, 1963 issue

18 A Border Pigeon Shoot
Even the best wing shots find pigeon shooting colombaire-style a tough test

22 Player in Paradise
The little man in golf's Big Three suns himself on a Nassau beach and discusses a new Gary Player

30 Games that Are a Ball for All
The hoopla of basketball hits its peak when sellout crowds cheer their favorites at an NCAA championship

38 Minks, Shrews and Men
Three amateur naturalists stalk a unique winter swamp and encounter an unforgettable scene

57 Big Word for a Boy
At 17, Junior Champion Mike Belkin is a fine tennis player, all right—but "the greatest"?

64 Innocent on the Ball Field
Armed with a $20 camera, a fake press card and lots of gall, a New York businessman meets the big leaguers

The departments

8 Scorecard
48 Golf
51 Bridge
52 Boating
57 Tennis
60 Basketball
72 Basketball's Week
76 For the Record
77 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman


Next week

The Liston-Patterson fight is previewed by Robert Boyle. Plus pictures and drawings showing how Liston can be hit and showing exactly how he got to Patterson the last time.

Trout season is now only a few weeks away, and this year, as in every year past, the wait has seemed longer. Mark Kauffman's color pictures make spring worth waiting for.

Speed doesn't scare Roger Penske, but he says, "I've got too much at stake to break my neck." Gilbert Rogin describes both careers of our most promising sports car driver.