March 25, 1963
March 25, 1963

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March 25, 1963

Heavyweight Muddle
Shooting For Cincy
Roger Penske
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Heavyweight Muddle
Muddle is the word as Champion Sonny Liston puts off the Floyd Patterson fight and Cassius Clay looks awful

This is an article from the March 25, 1963 issue

18 A Debatable Football Scandal
After a week of rumors, sensational charges of a rigged college game shock and confuse the South

22 The Gunners Are After Cincy
Duke and Loyola, teams that run hard and shoot fast, become the big threat to Cincinnati in the NCAA finals

26 Tony Has a Winning Look
The playboy of the pro tour, Tony Lema, plays first-class golf and lives in first-class fashion

32 A Joyful Snow School
A report in words and pictures on France's imaginative program of Alpine adventure for urban kids

38 Rocky Mountain Springtime
It takes spring until mid-May to climb the Colorado mountains, but fishermen find May days worth waiting for

58 What Makes Roger Race
In all matters, including sports car driving, Roger Penske is obsessed with a passion to be ahead

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7 Scorecard
43 Swimming
50 Bridge
53 Hockey
72 Basketball's Week
74 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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