April 01, 1963
April 01, 1963

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April 1, 1963

Point Of Fact
  • A Stanley Cup playoff quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

Death Of A Champion
  • By Morton Sharnik

    Battered helpless by Sugar Ramos, Champion Davey Moore sits on the canvas at Dodger Stadium a moment after his head bounced off the ring ropes. An hour later Moore fell into a deep coma, and three days later he died, setting off new demands from California to Rome that boxing be outlawed

Ramblers Wreck Cincy
War At Augusta
Boston Girl
Motor Sports
TV Fitness
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Death of a Champion
Davey Moore's death after his knockout by Sugar Ramos sets off new cries for the abolition of boxing

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22 The Ramblers Wreck Cincy
A team of high-jumping upstarts from Loyola makes a last-second grab for a championship—and gets it

The Masters

26 Its changing moods, pictured in exquisite color
36 Its challengers, and why each has a chance to win

40 Girl Sailor's Long Voyage Home
Sally Langmuir, one of the few women in a mostly male sport, has sailed farther than Odysseus

46 The Frogs of Spring
A frog's lot is something to croak about. Small boys throw rocks at them; grown men eat them provençale

68 Tune-up for an American Assault
Ferraris again led the pack at Sebring, but a surprising trio of sturdy American cars gave hope of a bright future

84 Fitness Takes a Beating on TV
Next week's Dick Powell Show has some good news for those who would rather think about push-ups than do them

The departments

11 Scorecard
67 Swimming
68 Motor Sports
76 Bridge
101 Basketball's Week
102 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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