April 08, 1963
April 08, 1963

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April 8, 1963

Derby Colts
Scouting Reports


18 Two Colts Go After One Derby
Candy Spots and Never Bend will be all alone in Kentucky

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24 The Scandalous Notes
Wally Butts meets George Burnett's challenge head on

26 Hockey's Officiating Mess
NHL refs are being shoved around like pucks

99 On the Right Track
A lot of dogs are learning to use their noses

112 Mysterious Genius of Nature Lore
An Indian named Grey Ow! charmed two continents


38 The Slambang of Baseball
Flashing spikes, busy elbows are part of the game. In color

45 Scouting Reports
Once there were Willie and Stan and Babe


48 Dodgers
50 Cardinals
52 Colt .45s
53 Phillies
54 Giants
56 Mets
58 Cubs
59 Braves
60 Pirates
62 Reds


64 White Sox
66 Twins
71 Indians
72 Yankees
74 Red Sox
76 Senators
77 Orioles
78 Angels
80 Tigers
82 Athletics

85 Out of the Park on a Half-swing
Minnesota's Killebrew has become the mightiest slugger

The departments

4 Scorecard
94 Golf
99 Dogs
131 For the Record
132 19th Hole

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Next week

Its masters time once more in Augusta, where that most wondrous of golf tournaments gets a new champion. Alfred Wright describes the scene and the strokes that won.

A tennis punch that is practically guaranteed to K.O. all the other girls in the club championship is disclosed by Bill Talbert, with illustrations in color by Coby Whitmore.

Patriots' day is marathon day in Boston. Hal Higdon, who will be entered as usual, tells what it is like to run 26 miles and of the trials and triumphs of a long-distance man.