14 Just a Second
Baseball's balk rule, long unenforced, pops up again to plague the pitchers of the National League

16 Last Fling for a Wizard
Bob Cousy is up to his finest tricks as Boston fights for its fifth straight pro basketball championship

18 How I Won the Masters
Jack Nicklaus, in an exclusive story, tells how a newly learned hook contributed to his victory

24 The Poker on the Smoker
Most commuters play bridge, but Eliot the Brain Surgeon and friends are, well, different from most commuters

32 An Ideal Yacht Club
A top California architect who is also a top racing sailor designs the perfect clubhouse

51 Slicked Up for the Beetle Chase
To overseas manufacturers, Volkswagen is Public Enemy No. 1. The year of the counterattack is 1963

62 A Mob of Marlin in Panama
Even Texans do not exaggerate when they talk of black-marlin fishing at the new Club de Pesca de Panamà

The departments

8 Scorecard
43 Boating
48 Bridge
51 Automobiles
74 For the Record
77 Baseball's Week
78 19th Hole

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