May 13, 1963
May 13, 1963

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May 13, 1963

Kentucky Derby
Triumph In Vegas
Charlie Mills


24 Victory Prance in Kentucky
Chateaugay came from far back to win the Derby and confound a lot of the wise money

This is an article from the May 13, 1963 issue

30 Triumph over the Perils of Vegas
Golf's unique Tournament of Champions is replete with distractions, none of which ruffled Jack Nicklaus

34 Welcome Aboard, or Are You?
A weekend aboard a friend's boat can be ideal or an ordeal, depending on how you behave

42 The Prince of Trotters
Irish Charlie Mills has won more trotting races than any man alive, aided by cigars and champagne

59 A Classic Foursome in Tempe
As perfect as the Creek ideal, Arizona State's relaxed mile-relay team is the best ever assembled anywhere

68 The Happy Ways of Trailering
Camp and boat trailers are booming. In the first of two parts, a primer on how to handle them

76 The Yankees' Rational Rebel
With refreshing candor, Tony Kubek speaks out against fuzzy baseball tradition and penny-pinching brass

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54 Baseball
59 Track
64 Bridge
66 Golf
95 Baseball's Week
96 For the Record
97 19th Hole

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Golf scholarships are bringing the best young players in the country to college teams such as the University of Houston's, where it takes scores in the 60s to stay on the squad.

The Kansas City A's, refusing to stay in their normal habitat, have turned the American League upside down. Walter Bingham tells how it happened and how long it may last.

Two Yankee Bwanas named Bill Holden and Ray Ryan arc betting a million that their magnificent Kenya Safari Club will survive the explosive situation in Africa today.