May 20, 1963
May 20, 1963

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May 20, 1963

Flying Horseman
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Harness Racing
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    The quiet man of trotting will be striking a mighty blow for the honor of the Bluegrass if his colt wins The Hambletonian

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Bobbie Jo Gabrielsen, 14, daughter of Bump Gabrielsen, swimming coach at the University of Georgia, prefers the putter to the pool. Last week she became the youngest finalist in the history of the Georgia State Women's Amateur Golf Tournament.

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Dr. Barry Pariser, a 28-year-old surgeon at New York's Kings-bridge Hospital, showed he could wield a sword as neatly as a scalpel when he qualified for the National Fencing Championships in Los Angeles by winning the saber title at the New York Athletic Club.

Neil Farber, 19, won 15 consecutive games in high school, and continued his surprising pitching career at Columbia by boosting his total to 25 straight wins before he finally lost to Navy. With a .325 batting average, Farber also is the Lions' cleanup hitter.

James Whittaker, 34, of Redmond, Wash., tallest (6 feet 5) of the 20-member U.S. Himalayan expedition, became the first American to climb Mt. Everest. He was accompanied by Guide Nwang Gombu, nephew of Tenzing Norkey, first Sherpa to make the ascent.

Dan Dimancescu, a junior at Dartmouth, pedaled and paddled his way to two intercollegiate victories. In the morning Dan won a 45-mile bicycle race and then after a short break for lunch teamed with his roommate to take a 44-mile, white-water canoe race.

Barbara Watkins, 22, a junior at Ohio's Bowling Green State, learned to shoot pool from a boy friend three years ago and proved to be an adept pupil. The pretty coed outlasted close to 1,000 students to win the women's intercollegiate billiards' championship.