May 27, 1963
May 27, 1963

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May 27, 1963

Attack At Indy
Southpaw Bob
Littlest Angel
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 The "500" under Attack
Some remarkable rear-engined cars and Grand Prix drivers are threatening hard times for the old order at Indy

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22 Classic Victory at Pimlico
Candy Spots overtook the leaders and held off the late closers to win the Preakness impressively

24 Ernie Davis—a Man of Courage
In his short life, Ernie Davis excelled in everything he tried. An appreciation by Alfred Wright

26 Cold, Wet and Happy
One man rises above 180 soggy rivals in canoe racing's chilly rite of spring

28 Golf Gets a Southpaw Hero
Left-handers were golf's untouchables, but now solemn Bob Charles is giving them plenty to cheer about

34 Sherlock Holmes, Sportsman
A searching study of the great sleuth's life and works reveals his sporting predilections

62 The Littlest Angel
Albie Pearson reveals himself as something more than a hot dog athlete who plays centerfield for Los Angeles

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13 Scorecard
48 Baseball
50 Fishing
53 Rowing
55 Bridge
56 Golf
57 Hunting
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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Next week

Robert Creamer, in his weekly baseball commentary, turns to the college scene, where Danny Litwhiler, the old National Leaguer, is now an innovator at Florida State.

The mysterious eel is not the slimy creature most people think. In fact, eels can be quite personable. Virginia Bennett Moore reports on the eel's virtues as game and food.

Bob Hope pokes fun at all aspects of life today, but his best gags, Jack Olsen discloses, are based on his lifelong involvement with sport and admiration for its heroes.