22 The Step That Changed a Season
Artist Robert Handville re-creates the dramatic—and unphotographed—moment when Mantle crashed into the fence

24 The Word Was Griffith
Luis Rodriguez lost his welterweight championship in a fight in which the hardest blow of all was the decision

26 The Winner Almost Didn't Start
Two hours before the Belmont, Chateaugay's owners considered scratching him

32 Moody Tiger of the Reds
Unloved by opponents, shy among friends, Frank Robinson has become a superstar through talent and fierce will

46 New Challenge by an Old Course
Jack Nicklaus presents an exclusive analysis of The Country Club, site of next week's U.S. Open

58 Devon Beat the Virus
Despite a flock of cancellations, the East's largest horse show was an artistic and financial success

78 Malindi: A Place of Deep Water
When the Aden Current swings in, the sea off Africa's east coast provides excellent big game fishing

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14 Scorecard
54 Tennis
58 Horse Shows
60 Track & Field
68 Baseball
72 Bridge
91 Baseball's Week
92 For the Record
94 19th Hole

Cover painting by Frank Mullins

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