12 Better Than Fancy Pants
Play was unorthodox and acrobatic as Chuck McKinley and Billie Jean Moffitt stole the show at Wimbledon

16 Way under Par in a Parking Lot
A college student hits 100 holes in one to win $10,000 and the title of National Putting Champion

18 Pennsylvania, O.K.!
Fisherman Barry Goldwater tries a Pocono stream and finds it compares favorably with his wild western rivers

20 Young Blood in an Old Tradition
Norman Woolworth is no five & ten operator when it comes to the world of harness racing

28 Part I: My Game and Yours
Arnold Palmer begins an exclusive series on his concepts of golf by revealing his mental approach to the sport

52 Two Rooster Tails and a Cup
The wakes from rival boats washed out Bill Muncey's attempt to take a fifth Gold Cup

54 Everybody Hates Clure Mosher
At least in Miami, where in his insufferable way this sportscaster insufferably assails insufferable bores

The departments

8 Scorecard
44 Horse Racing
46 Bridge
48 Baseball
52 Boating
65 Baseball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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Cover drawing by Francis Golden


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