Aug. 05, 1963
Aug. 05, 1963

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Aug. 5, 1963

Trial In The South
Crest Trail
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Yankee Secret Weapons
While their famous teammates were nursing injuries, a group of Yankee reserves virtually won the pennant

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16 On a Sea of Troubles
An account by a crew member aboard the winning boat on one of ocean racing's wildest rides

18 Football in the Courtroom
A case involving an alleged college football fix goes to trial next week—and the South is seething

22 The Fury of Liston's Fists
Color photographs show how the heavyweight champion demolished Floyd Patterson in Las Vegas

28 Palmer IV: Thinking Man's Golf
In this installment of his five-part series, Arnold Palmer explains the three occasions where thought pays off

34 Centennial for a Horse Town
A gallery of paintings portrays famed racing names and homes as Saratoga celebrates its birthday

40 She Started at the Top
After winning 16 archery tournaments in a row, Nancy Vonderheide faces a champion's ultimate test

48 High Path to a Wild Paradise
The Pacific Crest Trail is a little-known way to the wilderness that more hikers and riders follow every year

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8 Scorecard
40 Archery
43 Bridge
44 Golf
56 For the Record
57 Baseball's Week
58 19th Hole

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Next week

A wealthy Rebel with a cause, Alfred G. Vanderbilt assails horse racing's Establishment, warning of the many dangers that accompany over-commercialization of the sport.

Owens valley in California is a beautiful playground spread below 9,000-foot peaks. Its unique quality has been preserved for a simple reason: Los Angeles needs its water.

A confederate Air Force is flying high. Made up of nostalgic pilots, it is shattering the Texas sky with the screech and howl of dogfights among its memorable old fighter planes.