Sept. 23, 1963
Sept. 23, 1963

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Sept. 23, 1963

Desperate Chase
  • One of baseball's famed clichés is the cry of the team that is almost out of the race: "We've got to win 'em all." This is what the Cardinals were saying three weeks ago when they trailed the Dodgers by seven games. Since then, in the hottest pennant drive in memory, St. Louis has climbed upward—crucial day by crucial day. Last week, true to the cliché, they won 'em all. Here, game by game, is an intimate look at the Cards' dramatic pursuit

  • The Bears discovered that the Packers were human and the touted Cowboys landed on their heads, but the proud old Giants, just to prove that the NFL was still the NFL, wore their age quite well

College Football 1963
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    An intense young businessman named Beman gets his second National Amateur title, but it takes all the studious concentration he has to fend off an up-from-the-public-links college boy in the final match


20 The Desperate Chase
An intimate day-by-day chronicle of the Cardinals in the middle of their great pennant drive

This is an article from the Sept. 23, 1963 issue

28 The Pros Open Up Full Blast
With a number of skirmishes and a few rugged major battles, the NFL joins the 1963 football war

College Football 1963

30 THE SEASON: In a quarterbacks' year, teams will throw often, but Texas should end on top

34 THE SOURCE: In 12 pages of color, Texas' high schools, proving ground for tomorrow's stars

47 THE TEAMS: Scouting reports on the best and the rest, with a special look at quarterbacks


72 THE RECRUITER: Mrs. Harry Stuhldreher, proselyting for her husband, came a funny cropper

94 THE PICKS: Beginning a new season, predictions of the winners of this week's big games

96 THE QUARTERBACK: He's George Mira of Miami. John Underwood reports on the country's best passer

81 Pet Porpoise in a Pool
A porpoise named Dal keeps Betty Brothers out of deep water and also signals a new hobby for the backyard

90 Deane of the Amateurs
The national championship goes to businesslike Deane Beman, who held off a challenge by a plumb-bob putter

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78 Golf
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119 19th Hole

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Next week

The pennant race heads for the wire, with the Dodgers and Cards clawing to reach the Series. A report on their progress, and a preview of how each stacks up against the Yankees.

The Detroit Lion defense, best in pro football last year but now minus its strong man, Alex Karras, faces a major test against the once-beaten but formidable Green Bay Packers.

"Wahoo!" cried the first man to boat this elusive pelagic creature, and the name stuck. Jack Olsen describes the problems of Bermuda anglers who pursue the cunningest of fish.