18 A War on Ferocity
Officials in the NFL, concerned over unnecessary roughness, are tightening up on rules

24 Horseback in the Classroom
Learning to ride is part of the curriculum at Virginia's exclusive Foxcroft School for girls

28 I Got a Touch Like a Blacksmith
Yogi Berra is speaking of his putting at Pinehurst last week, where he went on an off-season golfing holiday

36 Move Over, Man o' War
At the top of the list of U.S. Thoroughbreds, Big Red now has to make room for Kelso, says Whitney Tower

40 Steinberg at the Races
Acclaimed for decades for the wit and style of his painting, Saul Steinberg turns to the track for inspiration

64 They Met the Challenges of an Era
Sports Illustrated's Silver Anniversary All-America awards go to 25 outstanding members of the class of 1939

72 A Wild Weekend in Texas
There were four big football games in three days and Long/torn rooter Joe Coffman had the time of his life

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14 Scorecard
50 Golf
52 Motor Sports
54 College Football
64 Silver Anniversary
68 Pro Football
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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