Nov. 18, 1963
Nov. 18, 1963

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Nov. 18, 1963

College Football
Pro Football
Horse Racing
Bill Russell
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 The Life-giving Spray
Contrary to the prophecies of Silent Spring, pesticides have helped fill the outdoors with healthy animals

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26 A Rueful Dream Come True
As Sonny Liston roars with laughter, Cassius Clay puts his name—and maybe his life—on the line for $1 million

28 The Upstarts Hit Judgment Day
Auburn, Illinois and Baylor, three of the football season's big surprises, came sad croppers on Saturday

30 New Sugar in an Old State
With agriculture falling off, the cold winters in Vermont are being warmed by a welcome avalanche of skiing money

37 Spice for the Sugar
A posh ski spa called Sugarbush has developed an artful snobbery irresistible to schussbooming social climbers

46 Snow? Let's Play Tennis!
Patched jeans and ski pants are the white flannels of a gay, new winter sport staged on wooden courts

74 Grown Men in a Child's Game
This view of basketball by the Celtics' Bill Russell explains why he prefers to discuss today's racial crisis

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15 Scorecard
52 College Football
60 Bridge
63 Golf
64 Pro Football
67 Horse Racing
68 Dogs
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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Next week

Western leaders, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, meet for the second time around in a game that could decide the conference title. Tex Maule reports on it.

The Tyrol is getting ready for the Olympics. A special section, with color pictures by Dmitri Kessel, shows its fashions and charms and tells what it is like to ski and be there.

An Indian and a Lord, one named Littleghost, the other Lochamilton, lived worlds apart, but William Chaiman remembers them because they witnessed his greatest shots.