28 Down Go the Packers
The Chicago Bears won last Sunday's battle and may have won the war in the West

32 Stratford on 50-yard Line
City-dwelling New York Giant fans will go a long way to watch their team on TV. Marc Simont goes with them

36 A Bowler Strikes It Rich
A million dollars in prize money has made the professional game both prosperous and respectable

41 The Uniform Can Be a Death Trap
A four-month investigation discloses the reasons for the deaths of 13 football players from heatstroke

Olympic Winter in the Tyrol

48 Dmitri Kessel photographs the colorful setting, and Roy Terrell describes the skiing
59 Fred Smith directs you to the Tyrol's pleasures
62 Loomis Dean photographs the Kitzbühel Sporting Look

86 The Orient Succumbs to Golf
In Malaya the King tees off at dawn, while in Japan players start even earlier as Asia rushes to the fairways

100 Two Doubles a World Apart
The Sioux Indian and the Irish lord were separated by time and distance, but were linked in a hunter's memory

The departments

16 Scorecard
67 Dogs
73 Golf
74 Bridge
77 College Football
84 Basketball
86 Golf
92 Horse Shows
117 For the Record
118 19th Hole

Cover photograph by James Drake

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Next week

Army plays navy next week. Dan Jenkins previews the academies' big game and scouts the heroic—and sometimes curious—world of that artful dodger, Roger Staubach.

For junior sportsmen, ready to exchange the toy for the McCoy, there is excellent gear scaled to girl-and-boy size. The best of it is presented as a portfolio of Christmas gifts.

Living statuary and the invention of basketball have brought fame to Springfield College, but few are aware that its contributions to sport are unequaled by any other school.