The Tyrol not only produces some of the world's best sausages, it also makes some of the world's best ski gear. Every village has a tailor cutting skin-tight pants out of rainbows of stretch; every farmhouse has a wife knitting hearts and flowers into sweaters and stockings. Kitzbühel, where these pictures were taken, is the Tyrol's fashion pacesetter. This season in the ski shops there is a run on red, a new popularity for stretch knickers, patterned knits and after-ski capes of bright loden.

Patricia Waller's stretch knickers and hand-knit cardigan are a modern ski version of the traditional Tyrolean costume worn by Kitzbühel Village Blacksmith Josef Infeld.

Carmen Cioffi and Red Devil Hermann Auer wear "Walkjanker"—jackets borrowed from Tyroleans.

Lys Lender, framed by a baroque window of the Postkutsche inn, is cloaked in a cape of scarlet loden.