10 The Bears Upend the Giants
Playing a strong defensive game, the Chicago Bears battered the New York Giants to take the NFL championship

18 High Time for U.S. Victory
Guided by an understanding captain, the Davis Cup team of McKinley and Ralston finally beat the Australians

22 Sportsman of the Year
Pete Rozelle led the National Football League through its deepest crisis to the pinnacle of American sport

30 They Gave the Year Its Flavor
A gallery of athletes who participated—with brilliance and with a zestful dedication—in 1963

42 A Man Who Knows How
Challenged again to defend the America's Cup, U.S. yachtsmen turn for the third time to Olin Stephens

48 The Small Men Arise
Undersized UCLA bowled over bigger clubs in winning the L.A. Classic, leading a parade of hot little teams

50 No Wet Blankets at Snoqualmie
It rains and rains and rains, but nothing can dampen the enthusiasm of the most indomitable skiers of all

The departments

6 Scorecard
46 People
47 Golf
48 Basketball
60 For the Record
61 Basketball's Week
63 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ben Rose

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