Jan. 13, 1964
Jan. 13, 1964

Table of Contents
Jan. 13, 1964

Table of Contents
Run For A Title
College Football
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


8 The Chargers Charge All the Way
Boston's Patriots had the AFL's best defense, but mighty San Diego ran right by it for a championship

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12 Five Tall Strangers
Tiny Davidson has the nation's surprise basketball team, now the only major undefeated one in the South

14 Fischer's Amazing Streak
Onetime prodigy Bobby Fischer won 11 straight matches to capture the U.S. chess championship

16 Big Day for Big 'D'
Dallas had the Texas-Navy football game, but it also had a severe case of jitters over its civic image

18 It's Bye! Bye! Blackjack
A year of testing proves a young professor and his computer have a system that beats a great gambling game

26 Sandy Trap for a Million Golfers
Fourteen years ago Palm Springs was mostly lizards and desert. Now it is the world capital of winter golf

48 The Gloves Were Loaded
For the first time boxing's most famous manager reveals his inside story of the bloody Dempsey-Willard fight

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5 Scorecard
38 People
41 Bridge
42 Golf
44 College Football
57 Basketball's Week
58 For the Record
59 19th Hole

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Next week

With the olympics only days off, members of the U.S. ski team move into final tune-up races, hoping to improve the scandalously low seedings they were assigned for Innsbruck.

The world below the surface of the Caribbean is the biggest tourist attraction in resortland. Coles Phinizy writes of a special spot; Fred Smith guides you to all the others.

The new wet suits for amphibious resort-goers are swimsuits that look even handsomer wet than dry. They are photographed in the waters of Cozumel off the coast of Mexico.