Jan. 20, 1964
Jan. 20, 1964

Table of Contents
Jan. 20, 1964

A Wild Time
Amphibious Resorts
Sneakers And Snorkels
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Gamin with a World of Guts
A bubbling Oregon State coed named Jean Saubert conquered the Alpine nations with her skis and her smile

This is an article from the Jan. 20, 1964 issue

16 Boats Look like Boats Again
They also look like trouble for the boating buff who thinks he can keep his wallet zippered till spring

18 Slickest Con Men in Miami
A genial coach and a peppery player have changed blasé Miami's view of basketball

20 Jump for Joy Too Soon
A happy goalkeeper leaps high to celebrate his team's soccer victory, only to fall back to earth with a thud

The Amphibious Resorts

22 Coles Phinizy photographs the Caribbean seascape and discovers a very special Virgin Island
30 New swimsuits are shown in the waters of Cozumel
36 Fred Smith guides you to Caribbean fish watching

50 Days of Wine and Bloody Noses
Doc Kearns continues his memoirs, recounting the wild years in which he managed Mickey Walker

The departments

5 Scorecard
43 People
44 Boxing
47 Golf
60 For the Record
61 Basketball's Week
63 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by J. Frederick Smith


Next week

Winter sports heroes from 35 countries gather in Innsbruck for the Jan. 29 opening of the Olympics. A 32-page preview tells the story of probable winners.

The capricious Crosby, where weather ranges from snow to swelter and the wind blows shots past the low-tide mark, offers the year's first meeting of the greats of golf.

Three explorers, or, more accurately, would-be explorers, abandon their high purpose in a low Mexican canyon after press agents and helicopters let them down.