Jan. 27, 1964
Jan. 27, 1964

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Jan. 27, 1964

Yesterday/Boxing's Biggest Bargain
Deep Trouble
Down The Lane
Olympic Heroes
Track & Field
  • Three scientific types set out with high resolve for a low Mexican canyon, only to have their esprit deflate amid 300 mousetraps, a dozen jars of Cheez Whiz and one strawberry moussemaker

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18, 19—Russ Halford
20, 21—UPI, AP (2)
22, 23—Russ Halford
26-28—Rich Clarkson
32, 35—Jean Marquis
36—right, Jerry Cooke
41—T. Tanuma
42—Brian Seed
44, 45—Ivar Serud Fotograf
46, 47—Lehtikuva Oy
51—Brian Seed
52—David Lees
54—Bob Gomel
57—Foto Maioni
59—James Drake
61—Lee Balterman
66—Phil Bath
84—C. Scott Hoar-Portland (Me.) Press Herald, Central Press, Fran Duval, J.H. Sugg

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